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       The Purr-fect care when you can't be there!

Welcome to The Purr-fect Paw! group

We're the positive alternative to boarding or kenneling your pets! We provide professional pet sitting, dog walking and other pet services in the Waco, Woodway, Hewitt, Robinson and other surrounding areas. We promise to give you that peace of mind you deserve!



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Your property and your pets are fully covered, should anything occur on our watch. Having these policies in place shows a level of professionalism and commitment that you can trust!
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We deliver consistent service and peace of mind by using the optional photo verification and GPS tracking feature. You'll be notified by e-mail when your appointment begins and ends!
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Our sitters are trained to recognize and manage emergency situations should they occur while you're away. We're dedicated to investing time and resources for continuing education!
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Welcome to The Purr-fect Paw


  Going on vacation and are uncertain who you can trust for proper pet care?

  Have a puppy and can't provide them with the potty breaks they often need?

  Feel guilty about leaving your pets alone for hours while you're at work?

  Nervous about the trauma and risks your pets can experience while at a kennel?

  Can't keep running home during lunch for that mid-day potty break?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then let us help solve these concerns. The Purr-fect Paw is a professional pet sitting and dog walking company that provides pet care in the Waco, Hewitt, and other surrounding areas. We can also provide other services such as mid-day potty breaks and pet waste removal. For more information on the services we provide, please check click here.

Why Choose A Professional?

We understand how important reliability and assurance means to you and your furry family. That's why we partnered with Pet Check Technology to give you real-time certainty that your pets are properly cared for. We're also insured and bonded and pet first aid certified to give you that much needed peace of mind. With us, you establish a personal relationship with a professional and loving pet sitter. You can relax in knowing your home and pets are well taken care of.

For your pets to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a familiar routine must be established. They see our homes as their safe place, just like we do, and when they are suddenly taken out of their environment to be put into a kennel it can put a lot of stress and anxiety on your pets. By choosing a professional pet sitter, you can eliminate that stress and anxiety. We can provide you an in-home pet care service where your pets are following their daily routine uninterrupted. We guarantee we will show your pet plenty of love and attention while you are away, making them a much happier pet and providing you with a peace of mind.

Dogs require exercise and mental stimulations to stay healthy and fit just like humans do. Daily dog walks can help energize their body, making them a much happier pet. Dogs love the new sights, sounds, and scents that a fenced in yard can't provide. If your dog isn't getting the proper exercise he or she needs then it could lead to destructive behavior or even cause them to become depressed. Life can get busy and we know you may not have the time to give your dog enough exercise so let us help!

Locals Love Us!

For two years in a row we've been voted Best of Waco thanks to your support! We try hard to earn, maintain and keep your trust. If you think we are doing a good job, please help us get the heart this year! To cast your vote please click the image below!


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